Weixum’s Story

Future Paleontologist Weixum Ren seeks any opportunity he can tell you everything he knows about extinct reptiles. “Dinosaurs lived many years ago and they died by the volcanoes,” Weixum offers proof by pointing out this fact in the book he is reading.

Though the book is way above the standard reading level of a second grader, Weixum does not miss a beat when it comes to interpreting the text. He sounds out the harder Latin based words with ease and assurance. You would never guess that Weixum does not speak English at home. His teacher initially referred Weixum to Children of the City’s Create Success for help with his homework. But once he came through the door, he made Children of the City his second home.

“There are so many things you can do here” he gushes. “They teach you so many lessons. And they give you everything, like books about dinosaurs!