Thanksgiving 2020

On Sunday, November 22nd, dozens of volunteers gathered together at the Brooklyn site of Children of the City to distribute Boxes of food to local residents. These boxes included Turkeys, farm fresh vegetables, milk and many other items to ensure struggling families had a good meal on their table this Thanksgiving. Sunset Park was hit hard with the COVID 19 pandemic. With so many out of work and not knowing what to do, they know they can turn to Children of the City for help. COC has been a trusted support in this community for several decades. Turkeys and fresh produce came into Sunset Park from all over the states.

As someone that has advocated for better health and nutrition in this community, it especially delighted me to see all the farm fresh vegetables, (rather than canned goods), being given to families this year. And to observe numerous people who were having challenges themselves, still willing to be generous in both volunteer support and donating food items really touched my heart.

Our volunteers were amazing and our COC director was meticulous to ensure safety and sanitizing. We want to thank New York Cares who joined with our local community of volunteers to make this event go so smooth. One of our local volunteers took a trip down to Baltimore to pick up and deliver almost 100 turkeys donated from one of our partners. Cru supplied us with 125 Boxes of Love. Local Businesses and organizations supported this tremendous event with additional food and Turkeys. We want to give a shout out to all those that made generous donations of Turkeys, food and volunteer support. This year we had double the requests, but we were excited to have a greater amount of donations through our various partners.

CRU has supplied Children of the City with Boxes of Love to distribute to families in need for thanksgiving. They have also provided various food items, PPE, toiletries and cleaning materials throughout this year during the pandemic so that we can distribute to our families most in need.

NY Cares has partnered with us at our Thanksgiving event to help distribute food items to families. They also have partnered with us to supply tutors and materials to serve our students within the community who are preparing to take the SAT test. We have over 30 High School Juniors in the program being held virtually this year, and these classes have been provided to them for FREE! New York Cares | Volunteer in New York City – Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, opportunities anywhere in NYC

AVO Construction has made a substantial impact within our organization this year. Due to the demand COVID has placed on operations they have helped with the extra costs of providing transportation for our deliveries, as well as the necessary PPE, Sanitizing and Cleaning needs for our events. This has allowed our volunteers and recipients the peace of mind that they are safe at our facility and will remain healthy as they leave our premises. AVO (

Brooklyn Borough President’s Office a donation from Mr. Eric Adams office of fresh vegetables and additional food items made it possible for our recipients of our Thanksgiving event to receive produce for their holiday meal. HOME | Office of the Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams (

A Can Can Make a Difference food program of Adopt-A-Block Inc from Baltimore, MD was so kind in providing Children of the City with over 80 Turkeys this year for our Thanksgiving event. Adopt-A-Block, Inc. – Nonprofit, Food Pantry, Veteran Home Giveaway

Comunidad Cristiana NJ provided food items such as Milk, Chicken and cheese.

Luis Lacobucci and Michael Lacobucci provided 25 Turkeys c/o Verrazano Rotary Club.

Other financial gifts came from:

The Revolving Door

Joseph and Angela Travaglione

Evelyn Kattan

Erik Hosch

It is with great pleasure to inform you that our Thanksgiving Project was a huge success. Because of the support of so many generous people we were able to feed 125 families in our community. We also provided them with COVID testing and registration for future events.