Kace’s Story 2003

Rescued in Time

Meet one young girl that didn’t become a statistic. Kace is a vibrant young girl. She loves to laugh and spend her carefree, happy go lucky days learning and playing in school and at Children of the City programs.

When she goes home she knows that she has a safe and comfortable home to go to. This wasn’t always the case.

When Kace was 3 years old, the place she used to call home is the place she never wants to return to. Her strongest recollections are those of bloody fights, drugs, filth, and no one to look after her. She was often found wandering around the park or streets unattended and disheveled. Children of the City volunteers who used to visit Kace’s home reported to staff counselors the alarming conditions this little girl was living in. After countless calls to local agencies nothing was done until Children of the City intervened.

Through a persistent approach and consistent follow up, the right decisions were made and now Kace feels safe and looks forward to a bright and hopeful future with fond memories of her childhood.