Jorge – The Struggle is Real

Jorge is a quiet, shy, perfectionist who loves to learn and wants to please his teacher. But it takes more than motivation to pick up on difficult math skills when you have a tendency to reverse your numbers. After a few low marks in math, Jorge lost confidence. He was too embarrassed by his mistakes to ask his teacher for help and quickly fell behind academically. COC’s counselors and tutors worked with Jorge to encourage him to ask questions and persevere when faced with a challenge. They used math games and taught him some tricks to do math mentally so that he could talk through a problem and articulate the correct answer. By seeing numbers in a new way, Jorge began participating in class again and opening up about his struggle. His confidence has increased and he participates in class. His social skills have flourished and his teachers describe him as “witty, very hardworking and always willing to learn and try new things.”