Future Safe

Future Safe offers supportive services to supplement our academic programs, including counseling, mentoring, advocacy in social systems (schools and courts), group and individual therapy, family mediation, creative arts, sports, and other recreational activities. These services open the door for COC to serve the entire family and involve parents more meaningfully in their children’s education.

COC reaches over 2,000 children and youth over the course of the year, 900 on a monthly basis through personal home visits, 500 through monthly programs and 200 on a continual weekly and daily basis. These services provide children and families with a well-rounded approach to achieving success, offering programs that support the family on all levels.


COC hosts hundreds or children and their families for an afternoon of food, games, singing, crafts, and value based lessons. This critical life coaching that children participate in during these monthly events is designed to deter them from drugs, educational failure, gang involvement, teen pregnancy and cyclical poverty. Children of the City also facilitates simultaneous parent workshops to provide tools and support for parents to combat educational failure and poverty, and meet the social challenges within their family.

Events include Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas gifts for every child, and a Summer Carnival complete with rides, food, face painting, games, prizes, and a talent showcase. Children of the City also partners with other community service providers who attend these events by hosting information tables, to connect families to the resources they need.