COVID-19 Relief Project

Since the onset of the Pandemic, Children of the City kicked into gear to adjust to the new climate. We were able to keep many programs up and running virtually, while providing basic needs to families. Here are some highlights of what we accomplished:

When the pandemic first hit, COC set up a call-in number and families were alerted that they can call us for help. In addition. We galvanized community liaisons to make calls, determine the needs, identify any crisis, and direct people to the proper resources and/or services. We sent out regular robo texts to inform families of specific locations they could get further help.

Children of the City has always been a safe space and families feel comfortable to communicate their needs and concerns back to us. Because of our detailed surveys and feedback, COC was able to provide immediate support and purchase specific items that our families needed, as well as direct families to other community centers where they could receive supplies of food each week.

In the height of the shut down we began receiving monthly shipments of food and other essential items. We then galvanized volunteers who were delivering food and other essentials to those in need.. Our food distribution has now increased to a weekly on site distribution event.

The shutdown not only affected children’s education but their very well being and put them at a higher risk than ever before. And it’s far from over. COC was able to maintain students in a virtual tutoring program over the summer and fall of 2020/21 school year to address their academic needs. The reality that most of these students were already falling behind in grades was further exacerbated by the constant shut-down of schools and little support at home. Our program not only provided tutoring, but a safe online space, giving structure to the children’s day, and much needed support to parents who were perplexed with how to occupy their children at home during the shutdown.

Children of the city provided children with books they can read at home while they were in virtual classrooms and fully loaded backpacks on the onset of the new school year.

We scheduled several parent workshops to inform and support parents as they were forced to navigate through a very challenging educational climate. Special advocates were lined up to speak with the parents in a variety of areas including education, nutrition, parenting, elderly care, domestic violence, and immigration.

The harsh reality is that hundreds of families in the Sunset Park community were devastated. On one city block alone, 18 parents died within a week’s time. Many of our volunteers were on the scene to the best of their ability to provide emotional support and guidance.

All of this trauma will undoubtedly leave tremendous residual effects, especially in poor communities where there are great social disparities. It will affect the future of hundreds of children and their future. We want to do all we can to minimize that effect as we continue in our mission to change the culture of poverty through education and outreach. If you would like to make a difference, feel free to join us by making a donation and or volunteering your time. Changing a life is so rewarding.


We could not have done any of this alone. As one of my favorite quotes states: “it takes a Village.” We are thankful for our many partners, volunteers, and supporters!

Brooklyn Community Foundation is on a mission to spark lasting social change, mobilizing people, capital, and expertise for a fair and just Brooklyn. It is the first and only public foundation solely dedicated to Brooklyn, working in partnership with generous donors and community leaders to advance racial justice and equity, bolster vital nonprofits, strengthen neighborhoods, and increase opportunities and outcomes in communities of color. Since its founding in 2009, the Foundation and its donors have provided over $50 million in grants to hundreds of nonprofits in Brooklyn and beyond. Children of the City is funded in part by a grant from Brooklyn Community Foundation’s Brooklyn COVID-19 Response Fund initiative in partnership with the Office of the Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams. They also provided Brooklyn Community Foundation | On a mission to spark lasting social change in Brooklyn

The Robin Hood Foundation raised an incredible amount of money through their creative fundraising televised event in….and has been a tremendous help to us and many other organizations throughout New York City Robin Hood – Fighting Poverty in New York

NY Cares have partnered with us to provide tutors and SAT materials to serve our students within the community who are preparing to take the SAT test. This program is quite different this year and it is being held virtually. We have over 30 High School Juniors in the class and this class has been provided to them FREE! New York Cares | Volunteer in New York City – Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, opportunities anywhere in NYC

St. John’s Bread and Life is in mission is to respect the dignity and rights of all persons by ensuring access to healthy, nutritious food and comprehensive human services resulting in self-sufficiency and stability. They graciously added us as a recipient John’s Bread and Life They have been providing food to distressed communities for years and graciously increase their scope and added us as a recipient of their services.