College Bound Mentoring

Sometimes all a young person needs is a little word of encouragement to make all the difference. The goal of this mentorship volunteer project is to provide students with moral support as they enroll and matriculate through college; Far too often we find students dropping out or postponing college due to stress, lack of parental support, difficulty adjusting, and financial fears. Mentors are provided with some basic guidelines to direct them during their interactions with a student, depending on which stage of college prep or college attendance the student is engaged in.

A Children of the City coordinator will connect each mentor with a student to arrange an initial meet and greet with the student. Ongoing interactions can be conducted by email, text or phone on a monthly or quarterly basis to check in with the student on their progress and challenges. This is a perfect opportunity for those that would find it difficult traveling to our site and can mean all the difference in a student’s success by offering encouragement, troubleshooting or redirecting to one of our advisors.