College Bound

Launched in 2009, our College Bound program focuses on preparing youth for higher education through SAT preparatory courses, mentorship and college readiness workshops. The program objectives are to equip high school students with the skills necessary to achieve high SAT scores and meet college acceptance requirements. We also work to close the language and experience gaps that often hinder our students from graduating high school and achieving a degree. By providing individualized guidance and advocacy for our College Bound students during this important transition period, we promote academic confidence and college readiness, which consequently helps our local youth break generational cycles of poverty and experience successful careers.



This year, we are expanding our College Bound Program by creating a Sophomore Skills course, Financial Aid workshop, and College Application support. The Sophomore Skills course provides classes in English language to prepare sophomore students for the rigorous SAT prep course the following year. It also promotes college thinking at an early age, getting our young students on the right track for academic success. Financial Aid and College Application workshops allow tutors to work closely with students, giving them the individualized assistance that they need to understand and complete FASFA forms in order to receive financial aid.


COC will also be launching a Mentorship Program. We are forming a team of trained volunteer mentors that will engage in one-on-one relationships with our College Bound students to ensure college matriculation and completion. The goal of our College Retention Services is to provide the support that our students need in order to maintain focus through senior year, transition into post-secondary education and stay enrolled and earn a degree!



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