Christmas Giving 2011

Individuals and companies (including our Winter Wishes partner New York Cares) came together at the Children of the City Holiday Session to make Christmas special for hundreds of disadvantaged children in Brooklyn on December 17, 2011. Over 600 children were in attendance at Children of the City headquarters on 40th Street in Sunset Park, and hundreds of toys and gifts were distributed. Parents were able to sit in on a life skills workshop while children enjoyed music and puppet shows. We would like to extend our gratitude to the adults who so generously volunteered their time on Saturday and donated brand new toys. We’d also like to thank the volunteers who helped wrap gifts at our annual wrapping parties on Tuesday and Wednesday night before the session. This event wouldn’t be possible without our partners and volunteers who worked diligently to make Christmas special this year for hundreds of children.


Since 1981, Children of the City has been providing services to help children and families achieve success in education, social relationships, home, financial and career. Our committed team of professionals and highly dedicated volunteers visit one thousand children every month, and provide many services to hundreds of those in need on a daily and weekly basis. We are dedicated to the young lives we reach every day, helping to give them a better tomorrow.

There are numerous agencies who gave gifts, including New York Cares (who selected Children of the City as an official Winter Wishes partner). Children were able to write a letter requesting specific gifts for partner companies to fulfill. We have the ability to connect the neediest children with our partners because of our direct in-home contact with the families in the communities we serve. Christmas toys and gifts as well as boxes of food were donated by several partners of Children of the City, including St. John’s Bread and Life, Brianna’s Hair Salon, and dozens of individuals. We were supported by dozens of volunteers from New York School of Urban Ministry, Key Club, NY State of Mind, and many more.